Terrorism can be broadly described as the threat of violence or the act of violence by non-state actors or covert personnel acting on behalf of their designated groups for attaining political, religious or ideological changes in a country or society. Terrorism is the most common weapon of the minority or weaker group against the stronger or dominant group(s) and governments. The basic objective is used to prevail over overwhelming odds that cannot be defeated in conventional warfare. To earn the best grades in your Dissertation, Thesis and college assignments you should choose an academic writing service that will meet your best writing needs.

Terrorism attacks are carried out against targets that will influence the groups that the terrorists are fighting against. Terrorism is of symbolic nature and has a relatively high-efficiency value. Terror participants are weaker entities than revolutionaries, the use of terrorism is against symbolic targets in the hope of obtaining more support and also for the publicity that the act achieves. Most acts of terrorism are committed as acts of insurgency and this is the reason that terrorists attack targets that have the most symbolic value. Because most acts of terrorism are carried out against a government to meet different types of demands with the ultimate object being replacing the current government or at least have the government bring about laws that will change the current state of things to be more favorable to the terrorists.

Terrorism is a physical attack that produces a psychological effect. The use of terrorism is for causing a persistent psychological defenselessness and insecurity in targeted groups of people. The death and destruction caused by terrorism are just the means to achieve their ends. Most terrorist activities are carried out for the imposition of religious rules and laws for curtailing the civil liberties of the populace which is why the reason that terrorists do not get many popular supports. They are financed and supported by vested interests that have not actual part in the hostilities but just provide the means and resources for groups who would like to impose a different form of government that is more to their liking or their ideology.

Terrorism is always carried out in public places that are important to the public or the government and the attack on that place is for the act to receive the most exposure so that the general public might vote for a popular change in the government or the system of governance. Most terrorists are those that subscribe to a different ideology or religious beliefs that are practiced or imposed by the ruling government. Again the person that a government or people consider to be a terrorist is actually a hero to his adherents. The most prominent name that comes to mind is that of Osama bin Laden who at one time was considered to be a freedom fighter by the American government and later was branded as a terrorist after and even before 9/11.

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