For healthcare providers, it means helping more people to get well from sickness or injuries and the use of less intrusive equipment and techniques. Technology has brought in the widespread use of the Internet which is now the largest source of medical information.

Surveys have now proved that millions of people are using the internet to obtain the latest medical information. They not only use the net to look up their symptoms but also to try and find effective treatments for their ailments. In most cases, the net provides cohesive information which saves them a visit to the doctor’s office.

On the other hand, hospitals, clinics, and research facilities use social media to keep in touch with patients. Many developed sites also help because the patients would like to discuss their medical issues with nurses and doctors.

Social media acts comprehensively as reminders to people to get regular medical tests and vaccines. The Internet has also brought in Telemedicine which is used by doctors to communicate with patients in distant areas. This allows patients and doctors to communicate effectively and also spares the patients the cost and travails of unnecessary travel.

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