An inescapable part of studying marketing is writing essays and final papers. It is almost impossible to find a career where you do not have to do it at some point, but in marketing, it is always very important to know how to translate ideas. If you want to know how to write the perfect marketing essay, read on.

 Just write

Sometimes you worry a lot about writing perfect from the beginning, but the idea is that you start as soon as possible and let it flow. Writing even an imperfect draft will let you round up new ideas. Then you can edit it or start over. The brain stays fresh if, in addition to everything, you write regularly, have you thought about keeping a diary? It can help you write better essays in the future. Studying marketing requires a brain awake at all times.


If you want to prove that you really read the reference material, then making accurate quotes is a great option. In addition you will also improve your style. Of course, try not only to quote long things, but to elaborate your own ideas based on those quotes, either to refute them or to expose examples. This is directly related to actually read all the material that your teachers give you, avoid the summaries of the internet to do your essays and become a professional.

 Make connections

The purpose of an essay is to use a previously given text, or an example, and elaborate on it. Therefore, you have to learn to connect new ideas and concepts based on the assigned task. When studying marketing, for example, you will be asked to make an essay about the impact of social networks, how about relating it to a specific case or a brand or event of the moment? The important thing is that you notice that you understand the phenomenon you are talking about.

 Expand your vocabulary

When studying marketing it is important that you use the vocabulary properly and that you expand it constantly. How is this achieved? Read more and always have a dictionary on hand to consult words you do not know or do not understand well. The more you know, the better your chances of doing an extraordinary essay with a surprising vocabulary.

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