Plagiarism has become a very serious problem in the current academic world. There are many institutes that have strict penalties for plagiarism. In some extreme cases of plagiarism students are even expelled from their institute. There are times when students do not have any intention of plagiarizing their essays but are still blamed due to lack of awareness. Even though sometimes plagiarism is unintentional but it has similar consequences as that of intentional. Plagiarism can be avoided provided some basic rules are followed to write essays. The purpose of this article is to provide you some useful steps as to how you can avoid plagiarism when you are writing essays. Below are some very useful steps for you to follow.

Cite your Work

Plagiarism is cheating and when you do not give credit to others for using their ideas in your essays you basically violate writing rules. You must provide in text citations every time you write essays whenever you intend to use someone else’s ideas in your essays. There are different of methods of doing that and it all depends what writing style you are required according to the instructions of your professor. APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago and Turabian are some of the writing styles you may be required to follow.

Use Quotes

Use quotes whenever required. Any texts you intend to borrow written by someone else just surround it with quotation marks to give credit to the original author.

 Use Technology

Use software to check your essays for plagiarism to be on the safe side. You can use credible software or websites like to check your essays. These software can pinpoint any traces of plagiarism in the essays. It is better to take precautions than to face trouble due to unintended plagiarism.

The whole idea is to help you write your essays with ease and confidence because when you are blamed of plagiarism even when you have not committed it you feel demoralized and it can affect your performance the next time you write essays. Take every possible measure to make sure that your essays are plagiarism free.

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