Ahmed, (2015) stated in his article that in Pakistan restaurants are not the only source of fast food consumption, but there are various informal sellers selling fast food at a very low price. In organized or organized form, fast food is a reason behind obesity which was not a major issue in Pakistan before the popularity of fast food. Ahmed further stated that in a study conducted on fast food consumption trends of Pakistan which were published in European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Science; it was found through a survey conducted on 100 respondents that Pakistanis like most of the other nation of the world are ready to take part in this suicidal trend. It was further found that 89% indicated their preference for fast food when compared with any other way to dine. At the same time, 70% stated that they are well aware of the prospective obesity-associated and convenience was the reason behind their preference.

The fast-food industry is although commented to be in its infancy, this proves that if in its initial stage it has gone through such hype than the future is likely to be even more profitable for the players of the industry. Pakistanis are spending more due to the prevalence of the fast food chain which is meeting their demand due to value addition procedures. Pakistani economy is considered to be a laggard when it comes to adopting modern trends, at the same time, if adopted once it becomes prevalent at a very rapid pace.

Among different income groups of Pakistan Middle-class, people are reported to be the most common visitors of the fast food restaurants. This is due to a number of factors such as; bargain deals, attitudes, atmosphere and hygiene standards etc. This is also due to the focus of the chains themselves that are making strategies by keeping middle and lower middle incomes groups as their targeted audience. This is due to the population of these groups in Pakistan. In the start of the decade’s application of marketing tactics and adding value to the product was not the preference of the fast-food chain but this phenomenon has changed now and fast food brands are trying to add value in order to combat with the competition faced. There are a number of new entrants in the market which are in the form of local as well as foreign brands.

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