My group has three different individuals. We did the basic research in order to set the group for the presentation. I now recognize the mistake that it is essential at initial group sessions to define the rule and procedures that should be followed by all group members in case of any misunderstanding or conflict. This can be achieved by mutual consent. I analyzed my group formation according to Tuckman’s stages of team development which was proposed by the author in 1965. The four stages of group development are forming, storming, morning, and performing. At the forming stage, I was unable to gauge the characteristics of my group members. As we already had a long tiring day, we were unable to work much. However, I was successful in deciding the topic after the brainstorming session with my group members. I as a leader was most motivated and devoted in the group. These factors affected the performance and cohesiveness of my group at later stages. The next day, we performed the storming stage extensively.

I assigned different responsibilities to my group members. I tried my best to keep in view their preferences and areas in which they considered themselves better. I noticed at this stage that Almis and Rajan were unable to understand the topic as they thought we will cover the whole organization.

This is impossible if thought rationally. In this stage Augusta played little role and accepted others’ opinion without argument, it was likely that they adopted attitude and behaviour called “Pluralistic Ignorance” which is the behaviour that when most people do this, they accept it for fear of rejection whilst they do not actually accept.

As a team leader, I volunteered to cover Introduction and company overview. I also took the responsibility of discussing the basics of Management and Leadership styles followed at Unilever UK and Ireland. Almis agreed to work on Management as a general term. Augusta agreed to cover what “Leadership” in general and in respect to Theories by many theorists and also work on slides by designing them.

Groups And Team Development

The decision to allocate slides designing to her was that she volunteered for it by saying that she is good with designing skills. Rajan’s responsibility was to differentiate between “Management and Leadership” in general and in respect to theories by theorists and also the conclusion.

Thus, all the roles were smoothly allotted, and the team decided to meet after all work is done by the individual so that compilation can be done. After a long discussion, I analysed that we all are motivated towards achieving the goal. In norming stage everybody accepted rules and the moving to performing stage we started to work on the presentation material.

As a team leader, I was keen to work with all group members. However, as the problems of performance grew between all the team members, I established the fact that I was unable to find out the reasons of their bad performances. They were not interested in meeting despite my constant calls and messaging. I reached the campus always on time in order to conduct the meeting, but either of the members was always absent.

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