In the course of Professional Practise and Management and leadership I studied in this term, I learned the practical applications of many organizational behavior theories like team working, conflicts and resolutions and motivation influence on the performance. I worked with three team members each having unique characteristics and habits. I will discuss how the group formation occurred and what I learned from the group work.

This paper is the description of the process that I and my team members went through in preparing the final presentation of the course.  The purpose of this essay is to explore the organizational behaviors that I faced during the preparation and delivery of a presentation on Management and Leadership styles in Unilever UK and Ireland.


During the teamwork efforts, I faced many situations where I felt the need for discussion, but there was not possible to find the solution. I learned that task is achieved when achieved as a whole is better than a task that is done in parts. A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable. I analyze my team effectiveness according to McGregor. After analyzing my own performance, it can say it without any doubt that I performed well during the whole assignment. My professor appreciated my work as the best work among all team members that made me feel proud. I excelled among all team members, and I deserve this credit because I worked almost alone during the whole project. But I learned that I need to practice more about the team building skills and guiding others to be in the same alignment. I also recommend that my team should work on maximizing communication and relationship building skills.


As a conclusion, I have learned the importance of a strong team. Building such a team helps in achieving the objectives. These objectives bring success when incorporated in most appropriate and effective way. It is of concern that all team members clearly understand the goals and then work together to achieve those goals. The leader should continuously monitor the performance of his team members. He should be able to gain trust and confidence of his team members. I offered all my help to my group members but could not make my place as a leader. I learned that it is essential to make specific, measurable and relevant goals. The commitment of Team Members is crucial to the success of any project be it at the educational level or professional level. The leader should make sure that all members work after consensus on all decisions. Every member has the right to share his opinions and argues constructively. The perceptions and feelings of team members towards the project should be well communicated to the group especially the leader. In case of conflicts and problems, the members should not blame each other. They should work together by taking the ownership and by finding the best possible solution in limited time. Members should have a strong interaction with each other. They should share ideas and suggestions. They should develop trust and support among each other. The members should also tolerate the differences and take these differences as a positive criticism in order to grow themselves personally. Lines of Communication should be clear among all members. They should be regularly in touch by any possible communication medium in order to ensure the status of the project at any point in time. The members should avoid any unproductive discussion as it creates the misunderstanding which can affect their performances.

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