This paper analyzes the two films which are known as Lunacy and the one flew over the cuckoo’s nest. The responses of both the films are actually analyzed in the paper which would easily make it a response paper.

The story of lunacy revolves around the western front. This movie revolves around the scenario of an ideological debate and actually starts with a direct address by Svankmajer. Certain analyst actually believes that this film is not a successful film but this film fascinates the viewers. However, the director of the film actually believes that it’s a horror film and this cannot be classified as the work of art. He stressed on the point art can be classified as dead anyway. The entire film revolves around the ideological debate of running a lunatic asylum. However, it can be said that the first thirty minutes of the movie revolves around some preliminary business. But the majority of the film is based on the philosophies of Marquis de Sada and they are actually filtered through two stories based on Edgar Allen Poe. There are several psychological nightmares that are attached with this film. It’s a two hour movie and in the initial stages of the film people usually get bored from the film while everyone would rejoice the ending and the plot of the movie. The entire film is based on two stories which are known as the “The System of Doctor Tarr and The Premature Burial” by Edgar Allan Poe (Triska and Svoboda).

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