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Another aspect of the film is how the two places, where the action of the film occurs, Paris and Casablanca, are compared and contrasted. Paris is depicted in Rick’s flashbacks; a city of happiness, romance and beauty. Casablanca on the other hand is a city of extreme human misery, full of hordes of refugees and exploitation of the poor it is also the centre of international intrigue and mystery.

The city of Casablanca, as depicted in the film, in like a huge Ghetto or a red-light district, where there is not utter chaos, but a different sort of order prevails. Casablanca has its own rules, but these rules do not conform to the rules of a normal ‘civilized’ area.

Theft or attempted theft is also an important part of the film (Telotte). Nazi theft of the world’s freedom is the overarching idea of the film. The travel documents are stolen from Nazi couriers. Renault wants to steal the chastity of the Bulgarian wife. Ilsa is the love of Rick’s life, stolen from him by circumstances. He tries to steal her from her husband till his nobler instincts take over. Rick’s triumph over the Nazis at the end can also be seen as a kind of theft; he steals way Laszlo from the Nazis and gives him his freedom.

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