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In the movie Boyz ‘n’ the Hood the dad wants the people in the neighborhood to stop killing each other because “you’re doing exactly what they want you to do, you have to think… about your future.” The father continuously teaches his son to think and stay away from acting like the other boys on the neighborhood.

Ricky one of the major characters in the movie dies because of a confrontation in a party with another gang in the neighborhood. After Ricky’s death the father explains to his son Tre that he should not go out to seek revenge because that is exactly what the system is designed to do. He tells his son that if he wants to shoot a man he should shoot his dad first and that it is too stupid to loose Tre over a stupid battle. Ricky’s brother Doughboy goes out to avenge his brother’s death and kills the man who shot Ricky. One confrontation at the party leads to a riot that leads to the death of three people: Ricky, the man who called him, and Doughboy. The entire purpose of the movie is to highlight the idea that a riot will never result in a solution. The father’s message to Tre and everyone else has always been to stop killing each other and pursue a life that is better. With his guidance Tre is one of the characters that is alive at the end of the movie and goes to college. Although Ricky gets accepted and has a scholarship he dies before he can even embark upon the opportunity. Doughboy dies unhappy and unloved even though he seeks revenge for his brothers death.

The riots after Rodney King’s beating led to a lot of hate crimes and violence in Los Angeles and other cities in America. The media distorted the video recorded by a bystander and edited out the first few seconds of the video that showed King charging against the police officers. Although the video showed that the white officers beat up Rodney King brutally the people watching failed to realize that Rodney King was resisting arrest. Although what the officers did was unjustifiable and they used excessive force the answer to the issue should not have been the death of fifty five innocent people. The best example that can be drawn to highlight what shouldn’t have been can come from the Second World War. Jewish people were killed brutally everyday and were starved in concentration camps. After the war was over the Nazi’s were convicted and tried for their crimes there was no uprising from the Jews. If they wanted they could have killed all German people or all the non-Jews in Germany through riots. What needs to be understood is that the action of one person does not reflect the opinions of others. Non-Jews helped out Jews during the Second World War and not every police officer in the LAPD is a racist.

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