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“They want us to kill ourselves… the best way you can destroy a people you take their ability to reproduce themselves.” This reflects the opening lines of the movie Boyz ‘n’ the Hood and the death toll concerning African Americans. “One of out of every twenty-one Black males will be murdered in their lifetime…most will die at the hands of another Black male.” The riots in the movie are a cause of one black male seeking revenge from the other. The riots in 1991 are the response to seeking revenge for what happened to Rodney King. Both events are unjustifiable and cannot be called an uprising.

Killing someone regardless of their color, race or ethnicity is inhumane. Rodney King’s beating by the LAPD police officers was and always will be unjustifiable but the riots that followed right after have no justification what so ever.

Spanish philosopher and humanist Jose Ortega once said, “Revolution is not the uprising against preexisting order, but setting up a new order contradictory to the traditional one.” The fact that racism exists cannot be denied but to fight racism vs. racism can never be the answer. What happened to Rodney King sparked riots all over Los Angeles where fifty-five people were killed and the damages in property loss went up to billions. (Flashback: Rodney King and the LA Riots) Although revenge is a dish best served cold innocent bystanders do not deserve to pay for the mistakes of a few individuals. Quentin Terentino’s Kill Bill part one and two both highlight the theme of revenge. Uma Thurman finally gets her revenge after years of being tortured when she kills Bill and the morning after she is lying on her bathroom floor crying. Revenge may be a dish best served cold but in the end it can never eradicate the problem, give a person inner happiness or present a solution to society’s problems. To be called an uprising and to bring about a revolution people have to create new systems instead of killing each other.

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