This feminism essay is a superb illustration of a written work that focuses on contemporary delicate issues. Feminist sympathizers and detractors sometimes mistake this for serious analytical work when it’s actually much more than a straightforward definition essay.

The essay on why we need a feminism that practically every student has written is best shown by this article. Despite being far from perfect in terms of narrative logic and common reasoning, you won’t be able to help but be affected by it since it is so intimate and personal.

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Feminism Essay

What exactly does feminism entail? Everyone’s definition of it varies. Girls in American high schools are revolting against the rigorous clothing regulations that are allegedly too “distracting” and “provocative” in order to challenge the antiquated practice that we maintain for males. It implies that the LGBTQ+ community will, at last, enjoy the same respect and equality that heterosexuals are given by nature.

In many countries, there is still a majority-minority difference that is reflected in violent behavior and prejudices. There is still an atrocious divide between genders, sexualities, ethnicities, and many other societal disparities despite all the advancements that our female predecessors have fiercely struggled for.

Because it “distracts guys from their schoolwork,” some schools in America reprimand female pupils for dressing in “provocative” and “revealing” ways. The ridiculousness of this practice has been recognized by feminist students, who have started campaigns to spread the word about how a girl shouldn’t pay for a boy’s education. The emphasis placed on laws prohibiting girls’ clothes demonstrates the disparity in priority levels for these particular genders.

As a feminist, I work for the day when everyone will only be treated as a person. To accept our diversity, we look past our differences. We are capable of seeing beyond the hues of our skin, the individuals we find attractive, and the genders we choose to identify with. I fight so that America’s next generations may live in peace without having to worry about being different. I am indignant at this blatant disregard for the essential components of my identity.

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