The institution of marriage has been known to provide safety to people in an economic as well as an emotional way. The reason why people marry is to form a family of their own. People often say that ‘they are going to start a family’. This phrase is mostly for newly married couples who are expecting to raise a child. The family may seem like a safe haven, given the situation of the outside world. The increasing amount of terrorism, corruption, and crime has made the family a safe and secure place for people who feel protected with their loved ones. In reality, some people may experience a difficult and harsh life even in the comfort of their own house. Every person’s experience would be different from their family life. Some fortunate families are able to spread a positive energy around their house and members feel close to each other. The members would rely on each other for emotional love and support in times of need. Happy as well as sad moments are shared with one’s family. The extended kin, including uncles, aunties, and cousins may also be a part of the family life.

For some individuals, friends are becoming the new extended family. This scenario is mostly experienced in modern countries where the nuclear family trend is common. Thus extended family either lives far away or not much in contact. In this case, friends act like the extended kin. They help each other in times of economic needs and spend quality time together to celebrate or just to share each other’s thoughts.


The extended kin has, however, not separated. They still maintain contact with the nuclear family through telephone or internet. The increase in domestic violence can be seen everywhere. The women are most likely to become victims of domestic violence. Rape in marriage has been evident in some countries where even the most educated men also become the criminals and commit such a gruesome act.

Child abuse is also very common and children are even becoming victims of sexual abuse by their father or mother, or a close family relative. The whole experience of the individual is ruined by the family members. The family becomes an evil source of violence and all this creates a negative impact on each member. The family life has always been stated as a happy and comfortable place, but the reality of things is always different than it seems.

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