With a change in the modern ways of living, people have come a long way from the traditional family structure. There exist very different types of families in today’s world. In the past times, it was not that complicated. People used to believe that the only acceptable family structure is where two generations live together. This is known as the nuclear family. The common type of family was where the woman was doing all the housework and where the man was the breadwinner of the family. However, the world has experienced a change from this traditional type of family. Research has shown that there are complex types of families which are living under the same roof.

The few most common types of families are the reconstituted and single-parent family. Reconstituted families consist of formerly married partners who have married other the person to start a new family. It can also be described as the family where either one or both married partners have been married in the past. It could also involve stepchildren which would be brought along by the new partner. Single parent family, on the other hand, is the one headed by one person who could either be the mother or the father. The one parent would then look after the child or children.

According to Rhona and Robert Rapoport, the family types have diversified in the past years, especially in modern industrial societies. They also state that the nuclear family is no longer the preferred structure of a family, and more people are opting for varied forms. However, it is not entirely justifiable to claim that nuclear families have no existence.

A decrease does not mean that the nuclear family has ceased to exist. In the metropolitan cities such as China, it is still the most preferred form of family structure which is adopted by people. The government of China is also in favor of the nuclear family. The reason for this preference is because the nuclear family has been proved to be beneficial for children who go to school and is also advantageous for their social and psychological development.

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