Racial discrimination was one the catalyst in the social change that was observed in United States of America in 1960s. To commit the attempt for countering racial discrimination and to spread hegemony in the region, Martin Luther King Jr. stepped forward as a civil rights leader. This paper aims to elaborate the Martin Luther Jr. in account in his letter to his fellow clergymen. The main purpose of the letter of Martin Luther to his clergymen was to increase pathos regarding people who are innocent and being the point of racial discrimination.

Martin Luther made a distinction in comparison in his letter. The king had compared himself with different characters present in the bible. The reason behind comparing himself with different biblical characters is to increase pathos. Martin Luther’s cause to step in the society as a civil rights leader was his cause of truth. Some of the notable biblical characters that have been compared by Martin Luther in the letter are Apostle Paul and Jesus Christ. Martin Luther explains that in the very beginning of the religion prophets left their tribal lands in order to spread the world of harmony and message of God. Similarly, Martin Luther held Gospel of truth and left his hometown to help people from racial discrimination (Dinar). Martine Luther had defended his cause of truth in his letter to clergymen while behind arrested in the jail of Birmingham. According to Martin Luther, his cause of truth also reflected stories from different moral stories of the history. Some of the notable stories conveying messages of peace and extended rules to live morally are story of Shadrach and Abednego. Martin Luther explains his will to shed blood out of his body for the purpose of good for people who face hardships in every walk of life. All the noble and moral stories include a single theme that noble and wise people laid their life to bring peace in the world without gaining any self-interest or standards. The letter of Martin Arthur included several examples of living for a noble cause. King Arthur explains that Jesus Christ was an extremist in love and truth thus he lived his life for a noble reason spreading Christianity in the world as an ultimate religion (Dinar). Martin Luther had evoked the feelings and pathos in the hearts of the readers of his letter that it is so disappointing and distressful that millions of Negro brothers are living under poverty and face racial discrimination to a higher extent where they have forgotten what freedom and rights are all about. The future of generation of the children seems to be very dark. If something like that would happen to the families of those who live peacefully, then they would realize the cost of living the life dark and discrimination (Dinar).

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