Teachers have many expectations from the students of their class. On the basis of these expectations, students are treated and lectured. Teachers give many interpretations regarding the future academics of their student on the basis of their knowledge about their students is known as teacher’s expectations. The teacher’s expectation influences the result of students that take place due to the act of teachers that they execute on their own expectations. Three kinds of expectations were discovered. The first type includes the assessment of the capability of student and interpretation of the performance of the student. The second type includes the interpretation given by teacher about the improvement of student’s academics in a particular period.

The third type includes the differences in between the tests and teachers that indicate the error of teacher in an interpretation of potential of the student.

Students behave according to the expectations of their teachers. When the expectation of teacher is very high, the performance of student also increases. Thus, it can be said that the level of performance of students is dependent on the expectations of teachers.


A program was implemented in which 75 students of six grades were focused and they were taught the subjects social studies and science. The shifting from subject to subject was managed by teachers. The attitude of teachers was most significant in this research. Learning duration of every student is different rather than differentiation them on the basis of intelligence.

When proper time and measure are offered to the student, 95% of students can learn equally to the master level. Until 95% of students do not learn the present lesson, teachers should not move to the next lesson. Students are evaluated after the completion of the lesson. The students that do not learn the lesson are focused more until they become a master.

The students that learned the lesson are progressed to improvement on the same topic. Teachers are the medium that gives them instruction to make teach students that are slow. After this program, the rate of failure was dropped highly from 28% to 7%. Whereas, the learning rate of students was increased from 22% to 40%.

The performance of a student is highly dependent on the expectations of teachers. On the basis of some knowledge, the student develops their expectations. If you have been assigned to research on a similar topic then we can help you. Our dedicated writing team can deliver quality work, which is plagiarism-free, contact us Essay Xperts.

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