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The mission statement of the University of Minnesota declares the quest for knowledge and truth, teaching and learning and service of the community as the University’s most important goals. A horizontal bar above the text shows; a map of the world, a map of mainland USA with Minnesota highlighted a map of Minnesota and an aerial view of the twin cities campus of the University.

This is meant to show how the globalist perspective of the University and how they consider themselves bound to serve not only their state and their country but the whole world. This is also explicitly stated in the mission statement under “Outreach and Public Service”, declaring it a part of their mission to make the knowledge and the resources of the University available to the people of the State of Minnesota, the United States and the whole world. The university declare their commitment to a ‘diverse community’ and a part of their mission to prepare students for a ‘multiracial and multicultural world’. The university declare their resolve to provide an academic environment based upon mutual respect and free from prejudice based on such things as race and sex (Regents of the University of Minnesota).

The mission statement of Boston University declares as their primary purpose making students self-aware and capable individuals and generating knowledge that can be used to benefit society.  There is a reference to globalisation and proliferation of new information channels in the phrase ‘interconnected world’. They declare their foundational principle to be education should be available to all and that education should be used in the interests of the wider community and humanity as a whole.  The university declare their belief in the value of diversity; this is underscored with a series of images of attractive young people, a noticeably large number of whom seem to be members of ethnic minorities, primarily East Asian and South Asian (Boston University).

The two mission statements are intended to give out similar messages and ideas.  They reflect an effort to portray the Universities as institutions conversant with modern day values and ideas. In the University of Minnesota’s mission statement the acquisition of knowledge and the philosophical quest for the truth occupy the centre stage, the Boston University’s mission statement, on the other hand is more pragmatic and merely speaks of preparing student for the modern world.  There also seems to be an element of the belief in acquiring knowledge as an object in itself in the University of Minnesota’s mission statement while in the Boston University’s mission statement benefitting humanity is the object and knowledge is the means toward that object.

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