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The characters of the novel are completely unbelievable, a group of people who are involuntarily being herded towards their deaths choose to obsess over trivial things every comment and twitch and crush and put-down and cold shoulder and gang-up and spat (Atwood).

The amount of passivity and acceptance for their horrible situation, displayed by the clones is inhuman, yet the mechanism through which such compliance is obtained has not been explained. It is not as if the clones are devoid of anger or bitterness or fear, Tom expresses rage in several incidents, yet this rage never translates to violence towards the normal population instead Tom screams his anger at an empty field.  In the presence of so much rage combined with the relative freedom and opportunities available to the clones, the complete absence of clone resistance, clone guerrillas or clone suicide bombers is completely inexplicable. The clones do not even engage in excessive drinking, smoking or reckless sex to deny the full value of their organs to the organ harvesters. The clones are indistinguishable from normal humans, although they are raised on remote, highly guarded premises, when they reach adulthood they are let loose in the wide world with no discernable supervision, the narrator Kathy H. drives around the country in a car caring for one clone “donor” after another yet the possibility of escape never crosses her mind. According to an article in The Guardian Kazuo Ishiguro’s own response to this lack of believability was to ask the reader to merely assume that escape is impossible and to enter into the conceit (Mullan). However, if central aspects of the plot are not fleshed out and the reader has to “assume” them, it leads to a deeply unsatisfying story.

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