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The only person that the constitution looked out for was the white male. She thought this kind of biasness was a threat to human development and that it should be investigated thoroughly to reach a better answer. She said the government caused people to think, act and judge others in a certain way because of the restrictions it creates. People judge if something is good or bad according to the law without ever thinking if the law is even justified to begin with. Henceforth, anarchy was the best option to freedom, not a government.


Lucy Parsons fought for women’s rights along with every other type of social justice. At the time women were not allowed to vote, they were paid lower wages if they worked and barely had any rights or rights equal to ones guaranteed to the white male. She said that the only way they could vote and represent their ideas was through a man and that she didn’t trust men enough or have enough confidence in them to even ask of such a thing. She said that all these issues affected women’s lives greatly and needed to be fixed because women are equal to men. If she would have been alive when Alice Paul started the Equal Rights Amendment she would have stood in the front of the rallies. She though that it was unfair that women were paid lower wages and that every time wages needed to be reduced they took away the money from women and not men.


There are many Lucy Parson’s type of people today. If we are observing the 20th century Alice Paul is the best example. She wanted the constitution to be amended to say that men and women are equal in all aspects. The amendment went to the congress several times but each time it was unapproved because of a few votes. Any woman who stands up for herself, any man who stands up for himself and fights for his ideas and doesn’t blindly accept the law is a Lucy Parson. If we understand that governments all over the world have flaws and shouldn’t be followed blindly we are the followers of Lucy Parson. Any person who feels that every human being should have equal rights and should be just is a Lucy Parsons. Back in the day the issued concerning Lucy Parsons were the government and human rights. Today the same issues are still present except they are a little different. Women in underdeveloped countries still have no rights. Kids are sexually abused and molested all over the world. Racism is present everywhere. The majority still manages to oppress the minority in some parts of the world. People are still deprived from education. As long as there are people out there how fight these causes even in a small way, speak up against them and are involved in being proactive a Lucy Parsons will always be alive amongst us.

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