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The complications occurred in the way of Adolf Hitler when his plan for invasion of Great Britain was about to be worked upon. Germany underestimated the air force of Britain and led the plan according to the minimal expected risk. At the beginning it was tough for most of the Jews to enter Great Britain but almost good amount of German troops entered the Great Britain through the water.

At the time of attack there were 2500 aircrafts available in the German air force. The total of the aircrafts included 969 bombers, 360 Skuka dive bombers, 869 ME109 and 268 twin-engine fighters’ planes. To Adolf Hitler such an amount and variety of weapons for air attack would be enough for Great Britain. Adolf Hitler was sure that Great Britain will easily and quickly come to the terms (Mackenzie).

The reason behind the satisfaction of Adolf Hitler regarding the machines was the unfavorable condition of Great Britain. This satisfaction of Adolf Hitler resulted in the failure of its goals and objectives to achieve air force superiority. The reason behind such a failure was the sufficient amount of air fighting machines in the record of Royal Air Force (RAF). Britain used radar for the purpose of locating the enemies. These radars were able to give numbers, altitudes and speed course of German fighters. The use of radar was a secret of Great Britain that helped Great Britain in order to win the battle of Britain. If the radars would not have been used then there was a possibility that Britain could have become a weak force to fight against Germany like other states (Omissi).

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