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Germany under the supervision of the powerful positioned leader Adolf Hitler invaded a number of regions including Poland, Norway, Denmark, Netherland, France and Belgium from 1936 to 1940. The Channel Island was the closest region where Germany’s invasion lasted. One area where Germany did not succeed was in the invasion and conquest of Great Britain. The campaign of attack on Great Britain was named as Battle of Britain. Germany’s goal behind the will to invade Great Britain was to achieve air superiority over the royal air force (RAF). Germany’s own air force which was named as Luftwaffe was less powerful in comparison with Royal Air Force (RAF). In this paper we shall discuss the reasons why Germany was determined to invade Great Britain and it did not happen?

Treaty of Versailles was a blow for Germany after the First World War. The treaty of Versailles resulted in the passion of the Adolf Hitler to raise power and to exercise the power on other states. Due to this passion Germany marked his plan to invade regions. One wrong step introduced a turning point in the war and continuous successful invasion of Germany (Kegley 96).

Invasion of Great Britain was important to Adolf Hitler because in this way the great air force power of Great Britain would have been destroyed. Adolf Hitler was determined to invade as much regions as he could to gain power and conduct power politics in the world. At the beginning the German troops were poorly equipped but invaded Austria and Poland steadily with ease due to the lack of the power of these states (Robbins).

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