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American President’s starting from Wilson to Reagan had tremendous opportunities to exercise great power. The ruled of economic, international and domestic decisions and created many new reforms and treaty’s that they thought would solve all of America’s and the world’s problem. Unfortunately though, each president who used great power was unable to bring about the change he hoped to bring or influence people to act on his ideas. The majority of the United States President’s power use has led to bad side effects for the future terms.

“The treaty was ineffective in its mission to create a peaceful world in which countries would never again have to resort to war. Ultimately, the flawed Treaty of Versailles contributed to the conditions that led to World War II.” (Brezina 5) Woodrow Wilson was the first American president in history to “travel abroad while in office.” (Brezina 6) He drafted 14 points and went to Paris along with other American allies after the First World War to reach a peace resolution. Although Wilson won the Nobel Peace Prize for his ‘peaceful’ efforts to create a League of Nations he failed to convince the United States to be a part of his idea. (Brezina) Wilson grabbed as many opportunities to realize his vision but his failure to do so might be the reason that led to future wars.

President Reagan has always praised President Coolidge for the economic prosperity he brought about in America. Reagan once said, “He cut the taxes four times…We have had the greatest growth and prosperity that we’ve ever known. And I have taken heed of that, because if he did nothing, maybe that’s the answer for the federal government.” (qtd. in Greenberg 4) Not doing something is also an act and Coolidge managed to accomplish a lot by not doing anything. According to Reagan he didn’t have to commit and act just to exercise power. He exercised power by not using it and “succeeded in doing something that Reagan could not: he paid down the federal debt substantially-the last president to do so until Bill Clinton.” (Greenberg 3) Unfortunately though, it resulted in a huge crash and eventually the Great Depression.

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