Moreover, women leaders are viewed as better team builders since they possess the ability to mentor and consult better than male managers. It is also in the survey of Catalyst that we find women having rated women as better problem solvers than men[1].

For these reasons jobs and roles like those in the field of sales were not originally assigned to women. In Lane Nikala, “women have always been regarded as not having what it takes to lead sales management positions”[2]. The stereotypic trait of women as soft and poor relationship builders, lacking in skills and maintenance of relationships meant that women were not suited for the role of management of sales. This has been the main reason that currently women have not managed to reach the high level of sales management. Therefore, despite the progressiveness in managerial roles and leadership abilities of men and women in American businesses, there still exist stereotypic views that promote gender issues in leadership.

[1] Ibid., 11.

[2] Lane Nikala, “Strategy implementation: The Implications of a Gender Perspective for Change Management,” Journal of Strategic Marketing, 13 (2005): 118.

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