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Women did not even have the liberty to select the life partner of her choice. It was regarded as unethical to ask questions regarding husband. Parents had the complete right to select husbands for their daughters. Women used to be wholly dependent upon the parents before marriage and on husband after wedding. Women was not even empowered enough to decide regarding the perfect age of getting married. Marriages were preferred in the teenage rather than in the early twenties. The married women were then sent to the homes of their husbands to fulfill their major duties that were to produce offspring and nurturing them (Pomeroy, 1995, p. 41).

Sarah further adds in the duties of the women that it was most important for the ancient Greek women to be virgin before wedding however men had the complete opportunities to fulfill their satisfaction for having sex. Men were allowed to have sex with the prostitutes or slaves to fulfill their sex desires. Women were allowed to have sex with their husbands only and they were not allowed to be dominant for sexual drives because it was regarded unethical for a woman. Women with larger rumps were more acceptable for the purpose of marriages because it was easier for the men to satisfy through anal sex for the birth control in ancient times (Pomeroy, 1995, p. 44).

The author moreover narrates that the women had no role in the society as they were not allowed to socialize in the family gathering and socialize with husband’s friends. The women were not permitted to go to the communal market places for the purpose of buying food and products for the homes. The responsibility for buying food and products for home was only for the slaves and men (Pomeroy, 1995, p. 49).

The women were mostly regarded as the slaves, whores and wives as evident from the title of the book. Only the Goddess Athena was regarded as the finest of all because she helped Odysseus in reaching Ithaca. In the present time it is impossible for the people to regard women any less from the men. Women in the present time are competent of men and they have the full liberty to live their lives according to their own perspectives and actions (Pomeroy, 1995, p. 59).

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