The skill of multi-tasking has become more of an art form. It has become an invaluable tool that working mothers have been forced to master and cannot avoid even if they want to. Workplace pregnancy, maternity leaves, and child care issues often constitute transitions in the lives of employed women. However, identity and role struggles may be particularly acute for managerial and professional women because their careers and their traditional female roles seem at odds.

This trend holds both for mothers who have such jobs and those who don’t. The public opinion about working women is even unsure and tilts more negative than positive regarding the phenomenon of women working on higher positions. Women prefer to build their nests and they go for entry level positions thus they avoid breaking the glass ceiling by prioritizing their family more than the career which increases turnover (Akogla, 2001). The gender wage gap demotivates women which increases turnover and research has proved that men are being paid more compared to women (Burgess, 2000). The working hours is also an issue that causes women to turn over more since they have to juggle between family and work (Erdogan, 1992).

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