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The technological influx in the field of medicine has created certain problems for doctors and surgeons. Medical advances have created certain dilemmas for doctors in both the short and the long run. This paper analyzes the element of assisted suicide and why it should be legal. Different perspectives and examples are also discussed in this paper which would analyze that why assisted suicide should be legal.

Different strategists and analysts argue a lot on this issue that assisted suicide should be legal or not. However, majority of doctors actually believe that this practice should be legalized in all parts of the world. However, doctors actually believe that physician assisted suicides should be a legalized medical practice but it would only focus on dying patients. The core objective of assisted suicide is to relieve the suffering that was faced by the dying patients. However, on the other hand there are certain individuals that argue on the fact that it might also lead to premature death and patients might engage themselves in unwanted medical treatments. However, it should be kept in mind that if this process is legalized than it would only arise in the scenario that when all the medical treatments and medicines becomes useless and they are exhausted then a patient can be allowed to commit suicide with the assistance of his/her doctor. There are different scenarios when different patients in the world have requested their doctors to give them certain injection or pill so that they can commit suicide because they are unable to bear the pain. That is the reason why a patient should have the right to commit suicide and can consult the doctor because the pain that is associated with certain diseases like AIDS, cancer, etc are enormous and all of these diseases possess a fatal nature (Newman). Although there are different pitfalls of this approach that the patient might live for a certain period of time and some miracles might happen. But analysts and different patients believe that miracle is the second name of false hope and since they are unable to bear the pain attached with a certain disease therefore they cannot live. Furthermore, individuals should have the rights on their own lives and there are certain scenarios in which the future sufferings of the life would be reduced. In the similar manner it can be said that the care and comfort at the end of life of a patient would be improved. Furthermore, it can be said that unnecessary intrusions from the government is not an appropriate approach and an individual must have the right to practice his/her basic decisions personally.

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