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This case is written by David A. Light and it revolves around the scenario that the merger between two pharmaceutical companies proves to be beneficial in the initial stages however both the organizations suffered managerial issues in the latter stages. The entire case is based on the human resource dilemma that is faced by both the companies. The two companies in the case are DeWaal Pharmaceuticals and BioHealth Labs. Both of them are facing a paradoxical situation that which executive should be with the company and how many of them should be fired from the company. Furthermore, Steve is the decision maker and he should decide that which executive should stay in the company and which should be fired from the company.

Steve is the CEO of DeWaal Pharmaceuticals and Kasper is the chairman of BioHealth Labs. Since both the organizations have merged together that is the reason why they have to decide that which people are suitable for the organization. There are about 120 people and there are just 65 senior manager jobs. Steve commented that Alison Whitney should stay in the company because of the fact that she is very experienced and she is very much aware about the policies and procedures of both the organizations. Furthermore, she was the director sales of BioHealth and the company’s best sales representative. That is the reason why she should stay in the company. Both Steve and Kaspar have agreed on the fact that CFO, COO and Head of R&D should belong to the company of Steve. In the similar Head of human resources, Operation director in Europe and global marketing manager should be from Kaspar’s company (Light, 2001). Both of them have differences because of it and that is the reason why the stock price of this organization was tumbling. However, there are certain employees that are in the company as decided by Steve.

Since it was agreed earlier that the head of human resource should be from Kaspar’s party that is the reason why Christian Myers should be the Head of Human Resource. However, Bruce Bollinger should be demoted but his salary should remain the same so that he might not be de-motivated. Furthermore, in the further stages of selection Steve should admit the selection of employees on the basis of factors like IQ, emotional intelligence, etc. However, Steve focuses on the scenario of fairness. Therefore, it can be said that Christian Myer’s approach is a bit time consuming but through this approach effective results can be generated in both the short and the long run (Light, 2001).

In the similar manner in foreign markets especially in India a local individual should control the operations. Since, India is a nationalist country and the performance of Vijay Naipul was great that is the reason why he should be selected (Light, 2001). In the similar manner it can be said that the approach of Christian Myers should be adopted when Steve has to decide that which people should stay in the company and which of them should leave. People having emotional intelligence and high IQ should stay in the company and like Steve says that they also possess an element of trust in them.

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