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Racism is considered as a negative attitude of our society and societies that inculcate themselves in racism suffer in both the short and the long run. The aftermaths of racism are wide and varied that is the reason why it is condemned in every society. However, nearly all the countries of the world suffer from this menace. In this paper we will discuss the history of Australian white policy and what are consequences of this policy. In the similar manner way we will stress on the fact that why Australian government actually dismantle the entire white Australian policy.

The White Australian policy is actually related to the immigration policies of Australia. This policy was developed on the basis of racism and the core principles of this policy actually benefitted the applicants of certain countries. The origins of this policy can actually be traced back in the 1850’s and the history of this policy links with racism (Willard 1967). Chinese diggers used to work in Victoria in Buckland River near New South Wales and white miners of Australia depicted their hatred towards these industrious Chinese diggers which actually resulted in violence. Therefore, because of this the governments of these two colonies actually embargo immigration on the Chinese. In the similar manner certain other workers become the victim of this hatred and these workers were which were known as ‘kanakas’ (Burchett 1944). They were also opposed to all forms of immigration. The bone of contention in this scenario was the non white people who have decided to work on lower wages and they can have a low standard of living. In the similar manner the element of racism started to ignite in the Australian culture and they were disliking individuals how are black or have different color other than white. The people of Australia decided that in the near future there would be no place for people who are ‘colored’ or they are ‘Asiatic’.

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