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A rational approach is based on assumptions and it is related to different fields like psychology, business administration, sociology and etc. The rational approach is linked with decision making elements and in organizations this approach is widely used. Decision making is usually considered as a rational element and it is based on the aspirations and at certain points it helps the organization to achieve its objectives.

The rational decision making element is a procedural or in other words a structured to decision making. There are different steps that are involved in the rational decision making process and these steps are listed below:

  • Define the problem: The first and the most basic step are to define the problem and all the members must understand what the actual problem is.
  • Identify the decision criteria: Once the problem has been defined then a proper decision criteria must be devised by the individual or the organization to solve the problem the problem.
  • Weighing the criteria: The decision maker selects different criteria’s that are offered by different individuals to solve the issue.
  • General alternatives: Different alternatives are assessed in this phase and the organization only checks what the different alternatives available to the organization are.
  • Rating each of the alternatives: The decision maker should evaluate each and every alternative and strengths and weaknesses should be rated in this step.
  • Work on the single outcome: Select a single solution and then implement it.

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