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Bureaucracy is basically a structure that is used by different large organizations and government entities to set certain regulations in these enterprises to control their activity. The entire processes of an organization is defined by this structure and all the processes are defined are controlled by the bureaucratic culture. Therefore, in other words it can be said that it is a concept in which the administrative and legal rules are organized in a social way (Wilson, 1991).

There are different factors that are directly related bureaucracy and these factors depict that bureaucracy is usually treated as a negative element in our society and there are certain good things that are attached with bureaucracy like bureaucracy limits the organization in different aspects and that is the reason why the environment of the organization is quite controlled. However, besides this factor organization there are numerous bad things attached to bureaucracy. These negative factors are red tapping, bribery and etc. The primary functional objective of bureaucracy becomes its own survival when it ages and in the long run it becomes a menace for the organization. Therefore, it can be said that on different phases bureaucracies do fail and there are different issues attached with the element of bureaucracies like that they monopolize disruptive space, they waste different resources of the organization and they distrust the democratic impulse and the biggest factor why bureaucracy is disliked is the fact that they provide their original service. That is the reason why it can be clearly said that bureaucracies are not good for democratic societies.

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