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It is the term used in classic drama that means the moral speech. This is the point in the Drama where the actors have to deliver and explain the moral of the drama in a wide speech. Putting the continuous thread, following it and reaching the end to help the audiences understand the moral. This can also be done by using different tones of dialogues and the pictogram.

In above we have discussed the structure of the drama. Now let us focus how drama differs from the reality. How hard it is to differentiate the phenomena forgiveness examined in the drama from the real life. In above we have read that the plays show the wide example of forgiveness. But is it easy to agree that even in real life it’s easy to forgive the people having contempt and jealousy leads you to put in the aggression and frustration by playing blame game?

By reading reality concerns with the person’s own experience and the drama concerns that there is the need of the agreement with the Shakespeare own words that we can easily forgive a person because anyone can make a mistake or by knowing it.

You can forgive and at least give another chance to it even if it’s parents, King, criminals or anyone in the world because to the world is of human beings. Even I agreed when I came to know about the golden facts of forgiving someone but what if it’s about a man molesting 7 girls? Does he deserve to be getting a second chance?  No. He must be punished and sentenced to death. Because man can make mistakes once but doing it over and over leads even a Wiseman become the same of his own but in the honour of the justice.

When it’s about relationships you can come to forgiving but when it’s about even a criminal murdering people in whole then it will lead to constant contempt. Reality is quite different from the drama because drama is a story almost as Muppet show where the playwright directs the flow and the actions of the character but in real life the actions are our responsibility.

As said earlier this is a world of human beings and Human beings commit to mistake every time. His action is his own concern therefore it’s almost unbelievable to forgive someone and start again by rubbing the contempt from your heart. Human beings are the moppet of God but with intensions of human’s own. Every religion has provided truths of life for the followers so that they can inherit the better in life. Forgiveness is a deed. Let us examine, how different religions put stress on forgiving or is it easy to forgive?

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