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Internet in today’s world is considered as the part and parcel of everyone’s life and it has changed the approach of everyone. The horizons are broadened, exploratory fields are developed and conventional approaches are changing. Organizations are heavily relying on the internet and it is a necessity for every organization in today’s world. Internet is also used for marketing and many strategists and analysts believe that the web is basically a global media through which individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures can be targeted. This paper analyzes different aspects on the web as a global media and emphasis is laid on the approach of direct marketing.

Marketing is considered as one of the most important factors of businesses and this factor contributes a lot towards the growth of an organization. A good marketing strategy can change the fate of a business and it can be beneficial in both the short and the long run. However, cost benefit analysis must be done when an organization is incorporating a marketing strategy. In the similar manner when it comes to marketing the first and the most viable approach for marketers is the direct marketing (Stone, 2001). Similarly, this method of marketing is considered as a feasible approach because it actually narrows the gap between the sender and the receiver.

There are different forms of marketing like online marketing, offline marketing, word of mouth marketing, etc. However, direct marketing can be considered as a subtype of online marketing. The selection of the type of marketing is actually based on the mission, vision and the objectives of the organization (Nash, 2000). However, web is considered as an important element in most of the types and this mode of communication is used by many organizations to pursue their strategy. However, when we talk about direct marketing then it can easily be said that web is the medium of communication in direct marketing and customers are actually targeted through the internet (Stone, 2001). However, strategists and analysts actually believe that a single strategy cannot work well in an organizational structure that is the reason why a mix of online strategies is used by different organizations.

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