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W.D. Ehrhart was famous for his writings and poetry on the war of Vietnam. Among his other writings are;” The Passing Time: Memoir of Vietnam against the War” and “Busted: a Vietnam Veteran in Nixon America” etc. His famous poems are the “Guerrilla Warfare” and “A Relative Thing”. His two award winning books of poetry are; “To Those Who Have Gone Home Tired” and “Just for Laughs “. The style of his poems is simple, direct, concise and based on reality. This helps the reader to easily understand the core message of the poet. One reason for his popularity as an author and poet is that he says the truth in such a way that it reaches direct to the heart of readers.

In this book “Vietnam Perkasie; a combat Marine Memoir”, writer narrated his personal story about his observations and direct experiences in Vietnam War as a marine soldier during 1967 and 1968. He spent almost thirteen months in Vietnam. This period changed his philosophy of life. He went to this foreign country as a stranger, the country whose language he did not know but he was able to understand a lot of thing about the war and Vietnam, merely on the basis of his intelligence and keen observation. During his stay in Vietnam, he participated in the cordon of Con thien which was a U.S. base action in the area near South Vietnam. He also took part in the fight of Tet offensive, which was a fierce military fight and proved an inflexion point in this war and entirely changed the course of Vietnam War. This event took place in January 1968 and almost 70,000 U.S. soldiers along with guerrilla commandos took part in this battle (Woods, 2008). It is considered to be the most audacious and dangerous military action in the recorded history of United States (Woods, 2008).  Because writer played his part very well in this campaign, so he received a lot of praise from the Marine Corps. This book is the landmark to understand the life of Ehrhart and it serve as the foundation for understanding his other literature as well. In Vietnam-Perkasie, writer narrates a story like how he was willfully transferred from a cozy and peaceful town of America to a place, Vietnam where he witnessed and suffered himself a lot of miseries during war, the death of his fellow soldiers, the cruelties’ suffered by the poor people of Vietnam at the hands of American soldiers.

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