The ISI has two objectives in this, first to tarnish the international image of the Indian army and second to never let secessionism die. The Kashmiri’s have simply been lured since ISI brought in foreign terrorist organizations who have brainwashed those feeble minds and shown them the love for money and luxury that they longed for and ISI does provide them with this need. The youth from Kashmir who fall prey to the smart planning of ISI are recruited and sent to Pakistan with fake codes to show them as government officials and then they are trained to be sent back to Kashmir. The training is basically brain washing these feeble minds and thus instigating them to become terrorists to save their so-called Islam (Sehgal).

Pakistan has around 105 training camps near the Pak-Afghan border and also in Pakistan. Surprisingly there are Pakistani instructors and also militants from Kashmir who have graduated in their trainings and thus they further infiltrate the message in the fresh blood scooped into the mission. These individuals are trained in using explosives to blast railway lines, bridges etc and the trainings are advanced enough to have simulation exercises of being in a small battle as well. Guerilla warfare is the major inspiration and they are also trained to use high-frequency wireless communication systems. The training is now completely handled by ISI and the Pakistan Army. The training lasts from within six months to a year (Kotru).

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