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Water pollution is one of the most important types of environmental pollution in America. This particular type of pollution comes from many sources in America. One major contributor that destroys ocean is oil spills. Over three million tons of oil has been spilled in our oceans. However it is not only oil that poisons our oceans. We do.

We litter the oceans with rubbish. This mess is spread everywhere, all over the world. Yet again the sea life has to suffer because of us. The simple task of putting our rubbish in bins is a simple one yet many of us find it difficult. With a lot of rain, these combined pollutants don’t go to a sewage-treatment plant, but flow directly from storm drains into America’s creeks, estuaries, bays and ocean waters.

Many experts of the field and researchers have done praiseworthy jobs of purifying water, even when the goals seemed to be at odds with each other. Their efforts have been worthwhile as demonstrated in the strength of U.S. business and several decades of prominent environmental improvement.

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