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From the beginning, water, wastewater treatment and environmental engineering has experienced a tension in the industrial setting between competing goals: protecting the competitive position of the company-economic duty-while protecting, and even enhancing the environment-civic duty. By not just limiting experiments to laboratory, Flocculation can be used in bigger plants to remove sediments and small particles out of water to make it more drinkable and safer at industrial level for every individual. Water pollution is a scary thought because not only US but over 75% of the world is covered in oceans. (Science Magazine, 2008)

However, biological and physical-chemical processes used for the treatment of wastewater have advanced steadily over the last 50 years. Membranes and ion-exchange resins, in their infancy in the 1960s, are now frequently utilized for wastewater treatment and product recovery at industrial level. Researchers have continued to enhance membrane and ion-exchange materials and improve the processes used to manufacture them.  Experts of the field request everyone to get involved, rich or poor, healthy or sick. If more people take part in the programs already out there then it might not be too late.

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