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The realities of war are evident in the Homers epic since the normal incidences of the war are displayed. Throughout the epic, men die, women are used as slaves and concubines just as if it happens during the time of war. Family members’ grief especially due to the presence of a plague in the Achaean camp after the King takes the Chryseis as a slave.

Achilles denial to fight after the King takes his battle prize making him appear to be great warrior. This is because after his denial fight, the Greek army begins to retreat to their beach. It is after the death of Patroclus that Achilles decides to join the battle in order to revenge the death o his ally. Throughout the battles and disputes, Homer clearly reveals that war is a way of life that is employed to solve any differences, more so, he explains he reasons of war when it occurs. Though even the great warrior fear hen war occurs, Achilles is able to prove his worth be clearly leading the Greeks to victory. He single-handedly instills the Trojans to fear to vengeance.

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