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In the whole life of Cheikh Anta Diop he compared the systems of politics, and cultures of African and European continents. He studied the overall evolution from the antique times to the modern ages and exposed off many facts about the so-called liberal white society. He envisions Africa as world’s super power very effectively in one of his works. He evidently supports his idea of calling the black Africa and Egypt as a unified stream of Blacks. He distinguishes between Europeans and Africans by proposing many theories and conceptions (Free Speech Mauritana 2006).

As the patriarchic system prevails in the European society and matriarchic systems prevails in the African society. He also distinguishes them in terms of geography, climatic and economical conditions by dividing the world into two cradles. The northern cradle contains the European side and the southern cradle contains the African part and amalgamation is not possible between the two on the practical grounds which includes social and economic structure, dominance issues, and family institution setup. This was the voice of Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop that Africans are not inferior by any means (Free Speech Mauritana 2006).

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