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Since then there have been several types of viruses released into the huge interconnected community that is the World Wide Web. There are five viruses however that has directly affected several businesses and untold loss of fund earning them the moniker, the five best viruses of all time.

The first is the So. Big virus which infected millions of interconnected Microsoft Windows computers in August of 2003. Its So.Big.F variant which caused the most damage. It arrived as an email attachment which when opened would send itself to all the contacts in the users address book. It also had the characteristic of updating itself automatically.

The second is another mass emailing worm known as Klez. It was released into the wild in 2002 and it acted by deleting all the files on the host computer and any network computer on the 13th of all even numbered months. It exploited a security hole in Microsoft Outlook and would execute itself after arriving as an attachment.

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