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The immunosuppressant and viral reactivation that occur in space comes into view as a stress connected rather than microgravity, however, gravity may as well play a role as recommended by verification of increased virulence of micro organisms in vitro and the fight against antibiotics and the toxicity of salmonella in pests following the two and half years mission to space.

Today, astronauts keep away from drinking before launch and they are always sited on their backs pending launch within a time period of 2 hours countdown, they experience hyper-gravity (Gx) during launch and changing degrees of nausea, predominantly on the first day, building fluid and electrolyte data expectancy level. Conceivably, the most important distinction between spaceflight and its bed rest analog with aging is the telescopic density of the time path of the pragmatic changes. Spaceflight and to some extent, lesser degree of HDBR speed up the rate of the experimental changes, which is most likely due to the sharp and persistent removal of the gravity vector indicator in space or its analog relative to measured decline in the use of gravity in the form of growing inactivity over decades of aging.

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