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Violent crimes and abusing on internet is considered to be a day to day affair. Violent pornography on internet reinforces negative attitudes and behaviors towards women. Rapes, aggressive attitudes and negative psychological outcomes are all due to pornography that is displayed on internet.

A research suggests that women who were battered, abused or humiliated had partners that viewed pornographic videos on internet. Similarly, sexual stimulating materials can cause aggressive behavior in children and their attitude towards girls and women is affected negatively. Boys involve in abusive activities and they believe that it is a part of sex because they believe what they see. A 10 year old girl was raped by two brothers of 12 and 15 years after watching an abusive sexual video (Russell, 1998). Violent behavior and abusive attitude can easily be linked with internet pornography because the internet displays it in such a way. Internet pornography must be banned because it is affecting the lives of innocent children as their lives are influenced by this medium. Therefore this is obvious that sexual clips having violent and abusive themes could have negative impacts affecting the lives of children all around the world.

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