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Professor Jennings Wagoner, author of the book Jefferson and Education looks at all of Jefferson’s idea and recognizes his inability to include women and African American people in his vision. Jefferson was not the only man in his time who did great things without doing great things for “every person in the nation” and not simply the “white man”. Many people from his era had idea’s that do not translate or measure up to society’s standards today especially when it comes to the equality of women and people of non-Anglo Saxon background. Jefferson is not the only person who has successfully built a great university.

Cecil Rhodes is among the category of Jefferson, she founded the University of Cape Town, South Africa. (Wagoner 11) Mamphela Ramphele was installed as Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Town and in her speech she “set out to ‘lay to rest the ghosts of the past’ [and] paid tribute to the vision and foresight individuals such as Cecil Rhodes [and her contribution to the founding of} ‘this illustrious institution’ [and she added that] it is sad that their vision failed to acknowledge the inhumanity of racism and sexism [and concluded by saying that we should] let them rest, they must find peace alongside the ghosts…of other people whose intellectual contributions to South Africa were curtailed by racism and sexism.”(qtd in Wagoner 11) We must do the same today and appreciate Jefferson for what he bestowed upon and let the rest, rest in peace.

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