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  • Optimists View:

There are two schools of thoughts, optimists and pessimists, when we talk about nuclear weapons and international security. One of the schools of thoughts motivates the idea of nuclear proliferation and stresses on the need of nuclear weapons to survive in a world where other states are powerful in terms of nuclear capacity. Due to the attainment of nuclear weapons countries would actually be careful in attempting to use nuclear weapons against other states. Pessimist believe that if so called rouge countries would never attempt to attack United States as the world know that United States would retaliate as done in the history to  Japan. Thus Pessimists believe that disarmament would let countries fall in the threat of losing control over territories and to survive. Pessimists also believe that nuclear proliferation would be able to help non-nuclear countries in terms of attaining survival (Utgoff).

  • Pessimist View:

There is always a debate on the purpose of nuclear deterrence and nuclear proliferation when weapon of mass destructions are discussed. A number of articles have been recently submitted in Wall Street Journal by US Statesmen to make the world free from nuclear disarmament. The need to increase the awareness of the disarmament was on the basis of threat to international security (Bernstein).

In the early 1930s, physics greatly contributed in the discovery of formulas and chain reactions that resulted in production of chemical and biological weapons. In the recent times, technology is almost stepping ahead that no one could even imagine what could be invented in the next day. There could be a possibility of eruption of issues between states in which nuclear countries and non nuclear countries would attack each other with nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons are not just in the hands of states and military but due to the immense nuclear proliferation, the spread of nuclear weapons have given access to the terrorist groups to nuclear weapons. The contemporary world order is an open predicted state of threat to international security and most importantly for United States of America because Iran had refused to stop its nuclear program. Moreover more recently North Korea had tested its first nuclear bomb (Mozley).

The history speaks for itself as the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima still displays the deadly effects of the nuclear weapons, similarly it could be estimated that as technology advancement had observed in the current century that is why it is predicted that it would be impossible to reverse the harm of atomic bomb. No matter what country would have to step forward, whether used by “rouge nations” or the “peace keeping America”, nuclear weapons are indiscriminate.

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