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Verbal one-on-one communication is so much more than just using the proper words to relate your message. It involves the tone and pitch of your voice, the various hand gestures you use and also your facial expressions and eyes (“Oral” Communication: More than Words, 2009). I am, by nature a quiet and reserved person, so it shocked me when I read my quietness or sometimes nervousness might be interpreted in an incorrect manner by other people.

There are many factors that are interrelated and simultaneously affect the quality and effectiveness of one-on-one communication. These can include the degree of friendship or cordiality between the two individuals, the level of understanding and mutual respect between them, the knowledge about the job at hand and how well both are committed to the organization (“Oral” Communication: More than Words, 2009). This made me reflect on some recent conversations that I had with friends and colleagues. I realize now that there are many more factors that affect one-on-one communication such as the mood of the person, distractions in the environment, rumors and other such external points that we tend to overlook.

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