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The value pricing is effectively used by McDonalds and they have devised this strategy of pricing to retain customers and to attract more customers. This pricing approach is actually used in certain scenarios where recession and economic downturn affects the economy and the market is saturated. In this scenario value oriented products are offered to the customers and the prices are maintained in relation to these products and the core objective of the organization is to retain the sales. One of the most notable campaigns of McDonalds is known as the Dollar menu of McDonalds. This campaign was actually designed to recognize the economic factors and the decline in the economy. In the similar manner another reason that results in forming this strategy was the fierce competition in the market (Peter & Donnelly, 2008). That is the reason why Dollar menu of McDonalds is considered as the most economical meal McDonalds have ever offered and as far as sales are concerned the sales of this menu is enormous. Customers all over the world loved and responded effectively to this scheme.


Distribution is considered as another important function in the marketing mix of an organization and at McDonalds utmost importance is laid on the distribution channels and on developing strategies related to distribution. The distribution systems is actually responsible for bringing the product and service to a place where it can properly and effectively fill out the needs of the customers and it would also benefit the organization but its cost effective approach. The access to distribution channels is one of the major issues and it can clearly create a difference between the success and failure of a product and service. In the similar manner the channels members that are involved in the distribution channel that is wholesalers, retailers, etc must quickly respond. The distribution channel of McDonalds is considered to be an important element because the members that are placed in the distribution channel responds in an effective and an efficient manner (Love, 1995). Chicken and other related items are properly delivered from their store houses to their branches and they are stored in giant freezers. In the similar manner farm fresh potatoes are selected for the purpose of fries and these potatoes are delivered on time to the braches when it is needed. Therefore, it can be clearly said that the distribution channel o f this organization is very strong and it actually encompasses quality oriented processes like adding value to the final product, total quality management, value chain management, suppliers and wholesaler interaction, etc.

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