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Universities offer distance learning programs that match classroom programs.

Secondly, some universities offer programs that cater to their student base with just as much finesse and prestige from a distance as they do to the ones studying on campus. As a result a student who does not study within the institution but takes advantage of the distance learning program is awarding a degree that is just as productive in its foundation and provides the student with just as much knowledge as it would to a student studying on campus. The external student acquires a degree that ranks on par with those awarded to internal students.

An example of such an institution with the right amount of prestige and respect is the University of London (University of London, 2009), which consists of a consortium of Colleges that together from the university, draft the syllabuses and cater to examination needs. This university claims to have the same standard of education for internal as well as external students (those enrolled with its distance learning programs) and has been in service since 1858 (University of London, 2009). The reason I chose to examine this institution in light of the topic is because of its much acclaimed equality of standards and a consequentially diverse student population, which implies a certain degree of integrity one would attribute to it given the large number of students from different parts of the world it attracts. How is one to say, then, that studying as an international student within one of the 19 Colleges that form the University of London as an internal student, with a fee structure markedly different to the one offered to external students (note: expensive), is better? If the quality is assured to be the same, and support is just as extensive, the decision to study externally as opposed to internally should be an easy one. Another aspect of distance education is one that is related more to the student than it is to the university offering the distance education program.

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