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Understanding American Politics is a brief introduction to the American politics and government written by Stephen Brooks. The book had been widely acclaimed for its concise and brief introduction to all the phenomenon and concepts of American politics. The book was published in the year 2009 that elaborates each every concept of American politics and government with the context of past strategic implementation and also the present scenarios of conflicts being experienced in the current affairs.


The book includes a brief account to American politics and a brief manifesto of government with the help of internet website addresses and political articles and research papers by renowned politicians. The book provides a brief context to American exceptionalism and role that is being played by the country in order to help worldwide states. The book has been divided into different parts addressing concepts of equality, political culture in United States, constitutional policies, elections and role of positioned status of United States in the world today. The book also cultivates thoughts on the basis of columns telling the history and nature of American politics and government (Brooks 351).

Identification of Author’s Intent:

The author had focused most commonly used key points of American politics and then sub topics have been elaborated with respect to their significance. The main intent of the author in the book is to help foreign students. As it the author himself is a renowned professor of American politics, it had been observed by him that foreign students enroll in American politics courses throughout the world. The author’s main focus is to help students develop a sound perspective regarding United States. The book’s focus had been placed on the importance of realization of the fact that United States is not the controller of the world. The author’s intent in the book is to help students understand that United States does not hold the control of the other countries and just makes sure that the American politics help the states in getting away with the issues (Brooks 321).

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