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Change can also be explained with certain adjectives like it is painful, disruptive, confusing, frustrating, empowering and challenging (Kotter, Collins, Porras, & Athos, 1998). However, it can also be said that change can be logical and this logic must be conveyed to the employees or the people who are actually resisting the change. In the similar manner it effective communication strategies can be used to remove the reluctant attitude towards change. Besides that effective leadership skills can change the perception of employees.

In the similar manner in many organizations employees resists the change and one of the most common reasons for resisting the change would be the fear of the unknown. The employees of the organizations and other related individuals believe that things are going pretty fine in their company and they don’t want any change in the policies. Many people are even cynical about a change in an organization and they consider that change is evil for them (Mason-Draffen, 2008). However, they are unaware of the fact that conflicting goals in an organization can be resolved and accomplished through major organizational change. However, if proper leadership and effective communication strategies are used then an organization can implement certain aspects which are discussed below:

  • A well developed and articulated vision which would focus on an organizations core objective (Cameron & Green, 2004).
  • A well structured and a realistic business plan that would support the vision of the organization.
  • Finally, a focused approach that would be inspired with the common mission of the organization.

Therefore, it can be said that there are different forces that drive a change in an organization. However, it should always be kept in mind that there are certain negative aspects or forces that will doom into a company.

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