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1. Humane leadership

The phenomenon of humane leadership focuses on the employees of the organization and it is closely linked development and training of employees in an organization. Singaporean organizations are currently in the development stage and that is the reason why they are focusing more on their employees and they are engaging their employees in different training sessions. The ratings suggest that Singaporean organizations have a score of 5.24 and a grade of B.

2. Autonomous leadership

The element of autonomous leadership is implemented in those organizations where the culture is a bit stringent and centralized policies are used in the organizations. The leader implements his thoughts in devising policies of the organization. The organizational culture of Singapore usually depicts an autocratic environment. This phenomenon is also present in the results and the results depict that Singapore have scored a B grade and they have a score of 3.87.

3. Self protective leadership

Self protective leadership is a type of leadership that is self centered, conflict inducing, and procedural. This type of leadership is related with the safety and security of the leader. In Singapore the phenomenon of self protective leadership is not that good and Singapore scores an F in that and the score of Singapore is 3.31. Therefore, it can be said that the self protective leadership is not implemented in a proactive way in Singapore.


Therefore, it can be concluded that leadership is an important trait for every organization and it varies from culture to culture. Organizational development and efficiency of an organization is based on the leadership styles. The leadership styles of Singapore varied from culture to culture and the phenomenon of leadership is in a developing stage. That is the reason why newer and modernized models of leadership are not implemented in the organizations of Singapore. The element of autocracy prevails in the organizations and phenomenon’s like charismatic leadership, team oriented leadership etc are lagging behind.

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