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An avoidance-avoidance conflict occurs when a person has to choose between two unwanted choices. Both the choices in the conflict are negative and undesirable. The main thing of importance of this type of conflict is that a person cannot move forward when he is facing a situation like this. One situation repels him and the other is completely negative, therefore he stays in the original position of indecisiveness. One example of this conflict could be an adolescent dilemma of fitting in. For example, I am a sophomore in high school and I am trying very hard to fit in. My peers discover this and tell me that if I want to be a part of their clique I should either steal a test or do drugs at a party. Both options are negative and put me, the teenager between a rock and a hard place.

The approach-approach conflict can be contemplated as not being a conflict at all because it involves making a choice between two very desirable outcomes. For example, I have rented to two of my favorite movies and I’m trying to decide which one I should watch first. Either choice will result in satisfaction because both movies are my favorite. Henceforth, an approach-approach can conflict can be quite easy to resolve.

The avoidance-approach conflicts deals with one object or situation that poses reasons to be avoided and approached. For example, if I re-use the teenager in a dilemma option an avoidance-approach conflict arises. The teenager wants to be popular but in order to achieve that popularity he/she will have to do something he/she is not comfortable with. At this point the teenager will evaluate whether popularity is worth doing something wrong. This conflict can be easily resolved if the person facing it has a good support system who can guide him/her down the right path.

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